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Stud Poker History

As a variation of Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker has a history that is filled with mystery, oddities and fiction. It's not really surprising considering that Poker itself has a bizarre and clouded history. The word poker comes form the French word 'poque', which means to knock.

There are those that believe that poker started with a 19th century Persian card game. The one indisputable fact is that poker was brought to America by French explorers, most likely in Louisiana, as that's where the poker boom initially started in America, but New Orleans was also a center of gambling and it was not too long before it spread all over America, mainly through the riverboats of the Mississippi. As for Caribbean Stud Poker, it seems that it most likely came from the tropical island of Aruba. A popular tourist destination off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba has a very small population of only about 100,000. Essentially Caribbean Stud Poker was formed from the rules of five-card stud poker. The main difference is that the players bet against the house instead of against other players.

Caribbean Stud poker earned a reputation for itself in 1988, when several mainstream hotel and casino chains imported it into their venues and marketed it as a new and dynamic version of poker. During this time the game spread all over the Caribbean, infecting one vacation spot after the other, until finally making its way aboard cruise ships. Since then the game has totally taken off and has become just as common as Texas hold' em or any other poker variant. Nowadays just about every casino you walk into will have a huge section devoted to stud poker tables.

At Caribbean Gold Casino, Caribbean Stud poker has taken a step up in excitement and novelty with the addition of a progressive playing option. Progressive Stud poker gives you the potential of winning a whole lot more money then you ever could with traditional Caribbean Stud poker. Caribbean Gold Casino delivers a Stud poker game that rivals that of any land based casino out there.

How to Play Caribbean Gold Stud Poker


Unlike other forms of poker when you play Caribbean stud poker you are not playing against other players but instead, you are playing against the house, or the dealer. At a land based casino it's easy to mistake the stud poker table for a blackjack table, as both tables have 5 playing positions and a place for initial bets. But the initial bet that you make in Stud Poker is called the ANTE. Before you receive any card you have to put down the amount of money that you want to bet. This is basically the cost of playing the game, bit it's not entirely a cost because you can also win it back. If you want to play a progressive game of stud poker all you have to do is place a bet on the Progressive Bet section of the stud poker table.

There is no need to worry about fairness or randomness at Caribbean Gold casino. Like all the table games at the casino, Stud poker uses a specialized high-tech software package that has been engineered to perfectly simulate the chances of being dealt every card out of a 52 card deck. After each deal simulated deck receives a shuffle to ensure total randomness every hand.

Once you have placed an ANTE for every playing position that you want to activate, you will be dealt a hand for every ANTE you placed. Each hand you receive will be dealt face up, while only a single one of the dealers 5 cards is dealt face up. Based on the strength of your hand and on the value of the dealer's face up card you must decide whether to increase your bet to maximize your winnings - 'CALL' or to minimize your losses - 'FOLD'.

In Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker, no additional cards are dealt. The player and the dealer compare hands formed from their five cards.

* When a bet is placed on the progressive area, the player will win an appropriate amount of the progressive pot even if the dealer's hand wins.

The dealer's hand must contain at least one ace and one king in order to qualify. If the dealer's hand does not qualify, you receive 1 to 1 on your ante and your bet is returned to you without winnings.

If the dealer's hand does qualify with a value of at least one ace and one king, the best hand wins. Your winning hand receives 1 to 1 on the ante plus the winnings on your bet calculated according to the winnings table.

If you fold you lose your ante whether or not the dealer qualifies.

If the dealer's hand does not have a minimum poker combination of an ace-king the dealer fails to qualify. If this occurs your bet is returned to you together with double your 'Ante' regardless of the value of your cards.

If the dealer's hand does qualify, it is compared to the your hand. If the dealer's hand has a higher poker combination then the player's hand, then you lose both your 'Ante' and your 'Bet'.

If the dealer's hand has a lower poker combination then the your hand, you win twice your 'Ante' and you are paid out on your 'Bet' according to the paytable.

If both the dealer's and player's hands tie, the party with the next highest-ranking card is the winner. If there is an absolute tie, the player gets all their money back.

* You always win on your progressive bet, even if the dealer does not qualify.

Stud Cards and Payouts

Like most poker games, stud poker is played with a standard 52 card deck. The highest card is an ace followed by the king, queen, jack, 10, 9.and so on to 2. Unlike Blackjack or baccarat the cards do not have a specific assigned value, instead in stud poker you have to use the cards to make special card combinations (hands) that have a certain ranking in the hand hierarchy of the game. In Caribbean Stud poker the ranking of the hands and their related payouts both regular and progressive are thus: Royal Flush 1,000 to 1 100% of Jackpot, Straight Flush 200 to 1 10% of Jackpot, Four of a Kind 100 to 1 $500, Full House 15 to 1 $100, Flush 10 to 1 $50, Straight 4 to 1, Three of a Kind 3 to 1, Two Pairs 1 to 1, One Pair 1 to 1, Ace & King 1 to 1

Caribbean Gold Words of Wisdom
By Steve Olson

Stud poker can be a tricky game to master. Because you are not playing against other players, there are far fewer subjective elements of the game that change from hand to hand. But several years ago I was playing Caribbean Stud at a casino and ended up meeting a guy who claimed he had a strategy that, although wasn't perfect, did in fact give you a slight edge when playing against the house. I was skeptical at first, as for years I had known Caribbean stud to be a game beyond any strategy, but as we played for a few hours, I realized that what ever it was he was doing, it was working. Later he said that his strategy was simple. His rules were to always raise with a pair or higher, fold with less than ace/king, and raise on ace/king if any of the following three rules applied. 1. If the dealer's card is a 2 through queen and matches one of yours. 2. If the dealer's card is an ace or king and you have a queen or jack in your hand. If the dealer's rank does not match any of yours and you have a queen in your hand and the dealer's card is less than your fourth highest card.

I've been using this simple yet powerful guide for the last several years and it has proven to be a reliable and profit raising technique for playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

Now that you know the rules and payouts, why not Try Stud Poker Now!

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